What is the point of this study?

    1. The goals of this study are to identify the community’s needs and desires, as well as create a conceptual blueprint and operations plan, for a facility that would sustainably support the wellness and athletic interests of the Fairbanks North Star Borough, bringing together community and supporting quality of life.

    Why is this study taking place now?

    The Borough Assembly included funding for this study in the Capital Improvement Plan. The amenities being considered for this facility are a combination of several CIP proposals from 2019 submitted by the Parks and Recreation Department and community members.

    Who is paying for this study?

    This study is funded through the Borough’s Capital Improvement Program and several community donations.

    Why was this site selected?

    The Borough selected the Big Dipper area for several reasons.

    1. Consolidating operations in one location results in utility, equipment, and staffing efficiencies.
    2. The Big Dipper is located near several healthcare facilities and senior housing facilities in an area considered to be our community’s Wellness District.
    3. The area near the Big Dipper hosts multiple outdoor recreation facilities including soccer fields and adult and youth softball fields.
    4. The existing land is already owned by Fairbanks North Star Borough resulting in significant time and cost savings to the project.
    5. The Big Dipper area is centrally located within the community along established bus routes and utility corridors.

    How will the Borough pay for the construction of this facility?

    Funding for this facility has yet to be determined but could include Capital Improvement Program Funds, Grant Funds, and Private Donations/Sponsorships.

    Will Hamme Pool and Mary Siah be closing?

    The likely answer is yes. Each of these pools are reaching the end of their useful life with steadily increasing maintenance costs. This facility will be designed to consolidate the amenities that are currently found at Mary Siah and Hamme Pool. There are no plans at this time regarding the future of these facilities.

    The Borough just took over management of the Carlson Center, why is this facility needed?

    The Carlson Center is designed to operate as a large event center; hosting trade shows, concerts, and UAF Hockey. Plans are in the works at the Carlson Center to also provide sport court space in partnership with local community groups when space is available. There are several other facility needs that cannot be met by the Carlson Center.

    What is the name of the new facility?

    This facility does not have an official name. It is being generically called the North Star Community Recreation Center, but this could change if this facility is constructed.

    When will this facility be built?

    There are no funds available for construction currently. Once this study is complete, a more accurate construction estimate can be developed and solutions for funding will be investigated.